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H Street North East - Corridor Transportation Study








Project Manager:
Rachel MacCleery
Ward 6 Transportation Planner
District Department of Transportation
2000 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20009
P (202) 671-2555
F (202) 671-0617


The District Department of Transportation, along with a consulting team from Michael Baker Corporation, is embarking on a study of the H Street NE Corridor. The H Street NE Corridor Transportation Study will focus on ways to improve transit, pedestrian facilities, parking, and reduce vehicular impacts on the corridor. It will also lay the groundwork for improvements to the streetscape along H Street, including the sidewalks, lighting, trees and other elements.

Study Goals and Objectives

  • Build on the H Street NE Strategic Development Plan.
  • Listen to residents, shop owners, and other stakeholders throughout the study/planning process.
  • Support the development of the Corridor into a more vibrant commercial and residential neighborhood by improving transportation throughout the Corridor.
  • Lay the groundwork for future transportation investments.
  • Recommend balanced design and management strategies that encourage the efficient and safe movement of all users and:
    • Increase short- and long-term transit connectivity;
    • Improve safety and efficiency of movement for pedestrians and bicyclists;
    • Support and manage existing and future demand for parking;
    • Reinforce a sense of place and uniqueness through creative urban and streetscape design and public art, and create a safe, inviting, and interesting public realm that supports diversity in use and activities;
    • Improve vehicular connectivity, while still meeting the needs of pedestrians, bicyclists, transit vehicles and riders, and commercial loading.

Elements of the Study

  • The Study Area can be viewed here.
  • View the H-Street Traffic Simulation.
  • A series of Advisory Committee, ANC and community inputs will inform every phase of the Study.
  • As a part of public outreach programs, the following initiatives will be undertaken:
  • 4 Public Meetings and 1 walk down H Street
  • 2 Community Charrettes
  • Hand, email and mail distribution of meeting notices
  • Radio announcements on local stations;