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Mississippi Coastal Mapping Project

Thank you for visiting the Mississippi Coastal Mapping Project Web site.  This site has been developed through the combined efforts of the Project Team members—the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA), and the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ).

The restudy of flood hazards and risks in Hancock, Harrison, and Jackson Counties was completed in 2007 and Preliminary versions of modernized National Flood Insurance Program maps, called Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (DFIRMs), and associated Flood Insurance Study (FIS) reports were presented to, and discussed with, community officials and the public during meetings held in each county during December 2007. Since that time, the DFIRMs and FIS reports have been available for viewing or download by visiting the Preliminary DFIRMs page and following the instructions provided. The Preliminary versions of the DFIRMs and FIS reports provided the best available flood hazard and risk information for Hancock, Harrison, and Jackson Counties because they were developed using the latest engineering analysis methods and state-of-the-art technology, and they were based on current conditions.

Subsequent to issuing the Preliminary versions of the DFIRMs and FIS reports, some of the communities in the three counties requested that the Project Team members revise the information presented on the DFIRMs. In response to those comments, the Project Team has provided updated, Revised Preliminary, copies of the DFIRMs to community officials for review. Following that community review, the Project Team finalized the DFIRMs and FIS reports, initiating 6-month compliance/adoption periods for the communities in the three counties. To learn more about the activities that have taken place since the end of 2007, remaining milestones for 2009, and where you may view the updated copies of the DFIRMs and FIS reports, we encourage you to visit the Calendar/Schedule page. To view a paper copy of the DFIRM panels covering your community, you can view them at your local Community Map Repository.

To explain the choices that exist for those individuals who would like to change the flood hazard and risk information shown on the effective DFIRMs and FIS reports, we have created a page on map change options.  

To help explain the coastal engineering analyses that were an important part of the restudy and remapping project, the Project Team produced informative videos, which are available in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. We hope that you find these videos helpful in understanding how the coastal engineering analyses were performed and how the results of the analyses were used to develop Base Flood Elevations and high-risk Special Flood Hazard Areas for presentation on the modernized DFIRMs. (Definitions of these terms are provided on the Glossary and Acronyms page.)