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The Mississippi Coastal Mapping Project Team created the Fact Sheets, brochures, and other informational materials listed below to help keep the public, stakeholders, and government officials informed about the Project. 

  • Mississippi Coastal Mapping Project Overview (December 2007)
    PDF [127K] Text [3K]

  • Flood Maps Are Changing:  What Insurance Agents Should Know (December 2007)
    PDF [61K] Text [7K]

  • Flood Maps Are Changing:  What Lenders Should Know (December 2007)
    PDF [63K] Text [7K]

  • Flood Maps Are Changing:  What Real Estate Agents Should Know (December 2007)
    PDF [62K] Text [8K]

  • Options for Changing Information on Updated Flood Maps (Updated May 2009)
    PDF [86K] Text [6K]

  • Coastal Base Flood Elevations (BFEs) in Coastal Mississippi:  Before and After Katrina (December 2007)
    PDF [10.06MB]  Text [42K]
    • Comparison of Effective BFEs to Advisory BFEs for Hancock County
      PDF [1.19MB]
    • Comparison of Effective BFEs to Advisory BFEs for Harrison County
      PDF [1.17MB]
    • Comparison of Effective BFEs to Advisory BFEs for Jackson County
      PDF [1.27MB]
  • Map Mod in Your Community:  Steps in the Mapping Process (December 2007)
    PDF [183K]  Text [2K]

  • Mississippi Flood Recovery Guidance:  Using Preliminary Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps and Flood Insurance Study for Reconstruction (November 2007)
    PDF [122K]  Text [37K]

To help explain the coastal engineering analyses that were an important part of the restudy and remapping effort, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), working in cooperation with the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) and Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), produced informative videos.  We hope that you find this helpful in understanding how the coastal engineering analyses were performed and how the results of these analyses were used to develop BFEs and Special Flood Hazard Area boundaries for presentation on the modernized NFIP maps—the Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps—for Hancock, Harrison, and Jackson Counties. The results of the analyses also are reflected in the accompanying Flood Insurance Study (FIS) reports for the three counties.  The DFIRMs and FIS reports are accessible through the Community Map Repository in each mapped community and through the FEMA Map Service Center.

Additional Resources

Through the Links page, interested parties may access many useful documents related to flood hazard mapping, floodplain management, flood insurance, and the rebuilding effort.  These documents are available from local, State, and Federal organizations.

The FEMA Library is a searchable, Web-based collection of publicly accessible FEMA resources.  The FEMA Library is your one-stop shop for FEMA-related materials. 

To make resources across FEMA easier to locate and obtain, you can search the FEMA Library by keyword, subject, audience category, hazard type, language, and resource type.  A single Resource Record in the Library can hold information in several media formats, such as PDF, TXT, and Word, and make larger documents available as a whole and in sections.  You can download electronic records or order very large files to be burned to  CD-ROM and mailed to you.

 For More Information

If you do not find the information that you are looking for in the above materials, in the FEMA Library, or elsewhere on the Mississippi Coastal Mapping Project Web site, please see the Ask the Experts page for information on how to contact a Map Specialist.