Construction Projects

Below are the projects make up the New Haven Rail Yard Facilities Improvement Program

PLEASE NOTE: Prospective bidders for the New Haven Rail Yard projects must have experience in heavy rail and rail facility construction and MUST BE PREQUALIFIED with thetate of Connecticut to submit a bid. Information on prequalification can be obtained by following the "Pre-Qualify" link above.

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(CCO & CDW projects)

CT State Number

Project Description

Advertising Date/Status

0300-0131 M-8 Acceptance Facility Project Complete
0300-0137 EMU & CSR Shop Improvements Project Complete
0301-0110 Diesel Storage Yard Project Complete
0300-0139 Independent Wheel Truing Facility Project Complete
0301-0106 Component Change Out Shop Under Construction
0301-0121 Central Distribution Warehouse Under Construction
0301-0124 Maintenance of Way Facility (1 Brewery St) & Employee Parking CMAR
0301-0144 Yard Power Upgrade Under Construction
0301-0182 East End Connector for Component Changeout Shop September 2016
0301-0123 & -0183 Combined Pedestrian Bridge August 2017
0301-0138 West End Yard & Stores Building Demolition 2018
  T & E Building Expansion / 2nd Yard Master 2018
  Service & Inspection Shop 2020
0301-0127 East End Yard / Main Line Interlockings 2020
0301-0129 Yard Signal System 2021
0301-0130 Diesel Shop / CSR Heavy Repair Shop 2023
0301-0131 Car Wash Facility 2023
0301-0125 Running Repair Shop Upgrades (Program/Paint Shop) 2025

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