East End Yard and Main Line Interlockings (Project No. 301-0127)

The East End Yard (EEY) Project involves track, utility, and drainage system modifications east of the Component Change Out.   The project will connect the new facilities and tracks to the main line via new Track 8 in the east cut and will address efficient train movements in this direction. The main line signal system will be expanded and modified to accommodate the track improvements made under this project.  These projects must be integrated with implementation of Positive Train Control (PTC) in conformance with federal requirements.

Improvements will include:

  • New tracks and existing track extensions
  • More efficient track configuration and alignment
  • Improved rail car capacity
  • Enhanced catenary systems over all tracks
  • Modified drainage systems and utilities
  • Upgraded access to the Car Wash Facility
  • Demolition of the Wheel Mill, the EMU Shop, the Blow Shed and the EMU Annex
  • Provides modifications to the main line signal system adding a portion of the main line/yard interface to the main line interlocking.

East End Yard thumbnail image - link to larger photo

PLEASE NOTE: Prospective bidders for the New Haven Rail Yard projects must have experience in heavy rail and rail facility construction and MUST BE PREQUALIFIED with the State of Connecticut to submit a bid. Information on prequalification can be obtained by following the "Pre-Qualify" link on the menu tab above.

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