East End Connector for Component Changeout Shop (Project No. 301-0182)

The East End Connector Project consists of a portion of the East End Yard & Main Line Interlockings Project that has been broken out as a separate project.  This project will accelerate the connection of the unfinished track at the east end of the CCO to the main line to allow earlier double-ended use of the CCO for improved MNR operational and maintenance conditions. Additionally, this project will: 1) create a staging area that will allow access and erection of the Combined PBO project, minimizing the time that both the existing EMU shop and the CCO are only accessible by rail from the west end of the NHRY, 2) construct piers for the Combined PBO project and 3) will optimize the continued use of Tracks 17, 18, 19, and 38 within the yard.

CCO Aerial Photo

PLEASE NOTE: Prospective bidders for the New Haven Rail Yard projects must have experience in heavy rail and rail facility construction and MUST BE PREQUALIFIED with the State of Connecticut to submit a bid. Information on prequalification can be obtained by following the "Pre-Qualify" link on the menu tab above.

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