M-8 Acceptance Facility (Project No. 300-0131)


The project includes installation of four tracks at the east end of the yard to be used for the acceptance testing of the new incoming fleet of M-8 rail cars for the New Haven Rail Line by the M-8 car builder, Kawasaki, Inc.  Two of the four tracks are electrified with overhead catenary.  Upon completion of the M-8 acceptance program, the tracks will be used for train storage and shop staging.

Click on the images below and at right to view full-size photos of the completed facility

Completed M-8 Facility - thumbnail link M-8 Acceptance Facility - thumbnail link
Completed M-8 Acceptance Facility
M-8 pilot cars arriving in the new facility
Link to large aerial image of M-8 Acceptance Facility

PLEASE NOTE: Prospective bidders for the New Haven Rail Yard projects must have experience in heavy rail and rail facility construction and MUST BE PREQUALIFIED with the State of Connecticut to submit a bid. Information on prequalification can be obtained by following the "Pre-Qualify" link on the menu tab above.

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