Text Box: 1969

The Connecticut Department of Transportation is established, providing one of the first coordinated state transportation agencies in the country.

Text Box: 1872

Consolidating the Hartford & New Haven with the New York & New Haven, the newly formed New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad, would eventually become a monopoly of southern New England railroads.

Text Box: 1846

Founded in 1846, the New York & New Haven Railroad was the first line built on the north shore of Long Island Sound. 

Text Box: 2011

Replacing the aging fleet of M2 cars, the first of 380 M8 cars make their debut.

Text Box: 1990

Operated by Amtrak, Shore Line East extends commuter service to New London.

Text Box: 1844

Service begins on the New Haven & Hartford Railroad.  Chartered in 1844, J.P. Morgan, founder of U.S. Steel, was an original investor.

Text Box: 1920

Union Station

New Haven’s main station opens.  Designed by noted American architect Cass Gilbert, famous for New York’s Woolworth Building and the U.S. Supreme Court Building.

Text Box: 1983

Following the passage of the Northeast Rail Services Act of 1981, Metro-North is formed and takes over commuter rail operations on the New Haven Line.

Text Box: 2008

The New Haven Rail Yard Facilities Improvement Program begins with the construction of the M8 Acceptance Facility.  The $700 million program is scheduled for completion in 2020.

Construction begins on filling in the New Haven Rail Yard.  Addition of buildings begins the following year in 1869. 

Text Box: 1868