Combined Pedestrian Bridge (Project Nos. 301-0123 & 301-0183)

The Combined Pedestrian Bridge (CPB) project consists of pedestrian bridge that connects the Component Change Out Shop (CCO) with Union Station and continues north to a new parking structure on the north side of the Union Station passenger platforms. With the relocation of its personnel from Union Station to the CCO, the CTDOT Office of Rail views the southern portion of the CPB to be a high priority project. This project allows safe personnel access between the CCO and Union Station as the southern portion of the pedestrian bridge would span over the M-8 Acceptance Area and other yard tracks to connect the CCO to Union Station Platform D.

The southern portion of the CPB consists of a new pedestrian bridge and stair/elevator towers that will serve to connect a proposed multi-story parking garage on the north side of the main line (east of the existing Union Station parking garage) with passenger platforms A, B, C and D. The northern pedestrian bridge will connect to each station platform with both the stairs and elevator, providing direct public access from the new garage to each platform, and will connect to the southern portion of the bridge at Platform D to provide rail yard employee access to the station platforms. Click on images for full-scale views.

PLEASE NOTE: Prospective bidders for the New Haven Rail Yard projects must have experience in heavy rail and rail facility construction and MUST BE PREQUALIFIED with the State of Connecticut to submit a bid. Information on prequalification can be obtained by following the "Pre-Qualify" link on the menu tab above.

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